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Francia acuerda transitar hacia los combustibles líquidos sostenibles para calefacción


The French Government has adopted a decree, regulating the installation of new thermal equipment in new and existing buildings (residential and tertiary). It was published in the Official Journal on 6 January, and aims at limitating greenhouse gas emissions from new heating equipment.

This regulatory measure, announced in July 2020, marks a major step in the transition from 100% fossil heating oil to liquid biofuel and keeps different options open for heating, depending on the characteristics of the homes.

If the installation of a new boiler running on traditional domestic heating oil (100% fossil fuel) will no longer be authorized as of 1st July 2022, replacement by a boiler running on a liquid biofuel, such as F30 biofuel, will be a more efficient alternative, particularly for areas with only a limited choice of solutions.

The publication of this new regulatory framework having required months of waiting, due to the necessary consultations on such an impacting subject, many erroneous interpretations must now be corrected.

The provisions of the Decree will take effect on 1st July 2022 and will have the following main consequences:

  • The obligation for new boilers, installed from 1st July 2022, to use a liquid biofuel whose lifecycle emissions (LCA) are below the new threshold limit of 300g CO2eq / kWh PCI.
  • The possibility for boilers currently in service and those installed until 30 June 2022 to continue to use traditional domestic heating oil (which can contain up to 7% of renewable energy according to current specifications).

Any repairs to that equipment will be authorized, either to remain with traditional heating oil, or to switch to F30 biofuel.

A list of new boilers compatible with liquid biofuel will be available as of February 2022 on

  • The possibility for new hybrid installations, combining heat pump and heating oil generator, and installed after 30 June 2022, to use traditional heating oil or F30 biofuel.

According to Eric Layly, President of FF3C: «With this Decree, the Ministry of Ecological Transition is giving itself the means to materialize its commitment to accelerate the gradual disappearance of 100% fossil heating oil in favor of more virtuous solutions in environmental matters. It thus validates, without penalizing the households concerned, the alternative of the heating liquid biofuel that biofuel embodies.»

This Decree allows households to install new equipment running with a liquid biofuel as long as it complies with the ceiling of 300g CO2eq / kWh PCI. This option thus preserves the interests and the free choice of consumers who, when they have to change their equipment, will be able to choose the solution most suited to their needs. Biofuel in France is positioned as the only immediate alternative to 100% fossil heating oil, by being technically reliable, ecologically acceptable and economically sustainable for households.

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