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About us

UPI is a Spanish business association which gathers petroleum products wholesale Operators in accordance with definition of Article 42 of 34/1998 Act of October 7, of the Hydrocarbons sector. UPI represents and protects the interests of companies which operate imports, trading and retail as well as storage and transport of petroleum products in Spain, independently of the refining industry, having therefore a downstream profile at national level.

UPI was constituted in March 1994, some time later after the liberalization of the petroleum products distribution in Spain was completed. UPI’s By-Laws are filed at the By-laws, Nominations Records and Collective Agreements Deposit Office of the Subdirección General de Mediación, Arbitraje y Conciliación (General Secretariat for Mediation, Arbitrion and Conciliation) of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (file number 6327).

Its aim is to give answers to the specific problems of this non-integrated business model.

Nowadays UPI gathers the main Spanish independent Operators, around 15% of the market. 

Today, while companies or business groups some companies belong to, include technical and environmental improvements happening both in the fossil fuels and liquid fuels sectors on the whole, they progressively introduce alternative energies and energy services in their portfolios.


petronieves estacion


  • Balanced and optimised regulatory framework
  • Fair competition conditions
  • Market free market from competition restrictions
  • Recognition of the independent operators’ contribution to the fuel market

UPI members have joined the Code of Ethics of UPEI, an European organization of which UPI is a Member.

What is meant by independent?

Disa estación

The term ‘independent’ is not a legal name; however, the independent operator is a key, specific agent in the oil products distribution markets. When we refer to independent operators, we mean companies which are not owned by traditional integrated multinational corporations. Apart from that, independents are typically out of the exploration and the crude oil refining activities and are national companies. Independent operators’ activity is therefore focused on imports, wholesale/retail distribution and storage of oil products and alternative products.

Likewise, UPI receives operators pertaining to groups with refining facilities abroad whose profile in Spain is that of an independent operator. Spanish independent operators stand for over 15% of the market. In Europe, they cover over a third of the demand. Independent operators play an essential regulating role, for the benefit of consumers. Particularly:

  • They diversify the supply sources, ensuring the supply.
  • They simplify the dominance situations, providing effective competence.
  • Their response to the local needs is better because their decisions do not come from an international control centre.
  • They have a greater ability to adapt to the market structural changes and to new products demand that arise with the energy transition.

Our role

UPI aims at representing and defending the collective interests of the partner companies for the fuels supply.

In particular, UPI carries out the following actions:

  • Notifies the Administration about the market situation and the specific problems of the independent operators.
  • Communicates the relevant administrations the position of the partner companies about pieces of legislation drafts and energy policy.
  • Promotes regulatory and administrative improvements.

Internal structure


UPI has two governing bodies:

  • The General Meeting is the supreme body, where all members of the Association are represented.
  • The Governing body, which is the executive body, in charge of implementing the resolutions of the General Meeting and adopting as many others as are necessary and are not reserved to the General Meeting

The Governing Body is now made up of:

  • Chairman: DISA RED DE SERVICIOS PETROLIFEROS, S.A. represented by José María Gordo
  • Vice-Chairman: DYNEFF ESPAÑA, S.L.U. represented by Anna Bes
  • Secretary and Treasurer: Vocal: ESERGUI, S.A. represented by Aitor Egurrola
  • Member: BONAREA ENERGIA, S.L.U. represented by Raúl Pacheco
  • Member: CARBURANTS AXOIL, S.A.  represented by Luis Nieves
  • Member: GM FUEL SERVICE, S.L. represented by Javier García-Munté
  • Member: KUWAIT PETROLEUM ESPAÑA, S.A. represented by Rocío Gutiérrez
  • Member: MEROIL, S.A.  represented byr Jose Mª Massanella

The Association also has a Manager, appointed by the Governing Body, María Ortiz.